We Are Preparing to Open a New Warehouse in the Last Month Of 2021

We are opening a new warehouse of 11 thousand square meters for our customer, the leading company in the industry for paper, hygiene, and household products, which has been handling shipments for many years. Canopus is the name of their 12th star, joining 11 warehouse facilities named after the constellation

Canopus is the second brightest star in the sky. With its luminosity, it symbolizes innovation and brightness.

Our Warehouse Logistics Manager of TLS Logistics, Ali Baykuş, stated the following about our new warehouse, “We recognize the needs of our customers and continue to invest to meet their requirements. We have started preparations to develop a special warehouse project of 11 thousand square meters for our client, a leader in the industry, and we have worked in the transportation sector for many years. For this project, we have invested a total of 1.7 million dollars. With this investment, we combine our fast, traceable, and sustainable logistics service with our flexibility and value-added approach to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction and create solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.”

Continuing, Ali Baykuş said, “In this special warehouse that we will set up, there will be areas specifically designed for our customers’ e-commerce logistics, and we will provide exceptional solutions to meet their needs. For all our businesses involved in e-commerce, such as warehousing, order management, packaging, shipping, and returns. We will perform all e-commerce operations and allow them to focus on sales. With the integration we provide, they will be able to monitor all end-to-end operational services. With our robust IT infrastructure, experienced in this field for more than 20 years, we will facilitate the e-commerce logistics operations and add value that is more practical to their business at every point of these processes. Our priority is to ensure they are efficient and productive.”

“We will continue to develop specialized logistics solutions for our customers and sustain our success with our warehousing service, which we will expand to 231 thousand square feet. Our goal is to shape the sector in the future as we have in the past, as a strategic business partner that adds value,” he said.


22.11.2021 All News