We have brought together our industry experience gained since 2000, our applicable knowledge that creates economic value, our corporate values created based on corporate governance principles, our industry vision, our innovative perspective, our ever-evolving technological and intellectual capital, and our awareness of corporate social responsibility. That, in 2016, we established TLS ACADEMY by focusing on sustainable development, shared benefits, value, and efficiency for our employees and stakeholders.

We organize our activities in the areas of education, development, corporate social responsibility, sector-school cooperation projects, volunteering, environment, culture, arts, and sports, which we have brought together under the umbrella of the TLS Academy, in such a way that they have a positive impact on our employees and our stakeholders.

Some of our development projects and training programs that we have designed for the future goals of our company with our principle of sustainable development, lifelong learning, and learning organization are as follows;

  • Professional qualification training and professional certificate programs.
  • Quality, environment, first aid, and occupational safety training.
  • Personal development and awareness training programs
  • TLS Coaching and Mentoring Service Office
  • Training program for Gold Collar Professionals
  • Star Leaders Training Program
  • TLS Development Program for Sneakers
  • Hobby and life skills development workshops
  • Innovative Ideas and Creative Minds Program
  • Hands-on training activities with teachers and lecturers in the sector