With our suggestion scheme, we have adopted the slogan “My Voice / Our business voice” we take suggestions from our employees at all areas and proactively act with them.

As part of the Job Adaptation Program, we speed up the adaptation process for all new employees at TLS Logistics. Our newly hired TLS Logistics ‘First Friend’ employees are accompanied and informed by a guide on their first day at work at TLS.

With this in mind, in 2016, we launched the TLS Academy, which we dream of and believe will go a long way towards achieving our goals. It provides our employees with the training, development opportunities they need to improve to the best of their ability, and do their jobs better. In the training and development programs prepared in the TLS Academy, we support our employees in their personal development by enhancing their knowledge, skills, and competencies and transferring their achievements to business results.

As part of its career policy, TLS Logistics has adopted the principle of hiring people who are creative, entrepreneurial, and results-oriented, who are open to learning and development, who have effective communication skills, who have developed results, solution-oriented systems thinking, who pursue innovation in business design, and who add value.

For TLS Logistics, employee satisfaction is the most important prerequisite to providing competitive logistics solutions to business partners. Hence, TLS Logistics has adopted the principle of providing qualified human resources, developing its employees continuously, and maintaining their high motivation. TLS Logistics has developed a human resources policy based on performance and talent management criteria.