As TLS Logistic Inc., we are committed to implementing and continuously improving the Road Safety Management System, an integral part of our workplace safety culture, within the framework of internationally recognized standards and applicable legal and other requirements.

As part of this commitment, we identify the risks and opportunities that impact and affect us in road transport, take control of them, monitor our performance, and strive for continuous improvement.

By implementing the road safety management system, we aim to reduce the number of road accidents, ensure driver health, which is critical to driving safety, and vehicle and road safety.

The rules that all our drivers must follow for safe driving are;

  • Be sure to wear your seat belt and make sure everyone in the vehicle does so.
  • Never talk on the phone while driving.
  • Never drive with alcohol or drugs that impair attention.
  • Always obey the speed limits.
  • Be sure to follow all traffic laws.
  • Never take breaks outside of designated rest areas.
  • Always observe the rest periods.
  • In an accident, be sure to follow the emergency communication chain.
  • Never deviate from the established route.
  • Be sure that the maintenance, inspection, and documents of your vehicle are complete.