Soda ash, one of the “10” most used chemicals in industry, is used in the glass industry, chemical production, soap, detergent, textile, paper production, pigmentation, water, and wastewater treatment.

TLS Logistics, with its experienced professionals, reliable and robust structure, develops exceptional solutions for its customers’ needs, discloses business plans, and develops and implements resource management strategies.

With an annual production of 1 million tons of soda ash and 100,000 tons of sodium bicarbonate, and a freight capacity of 29.5 tons, the company offers 24/7 service with its fleet of trucks and drivers.

Operating with a large fleet, the scheduling, and delivery of HSSE training is meticulously followed. The HSSE department handles follow-up and recap of regular training. TLS Logistics schedules and delivers product shipments based on customer satisfaction with trained personnel and a fleet of vehicles that meet environmentally friendly motor vehicle standards.

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