At TLS, we see sustainability as a focus of our core business strategy. We take initiatives to reduce the environmental impact resulting from our operational activities. We consider it part of this work to involve all our employees and customers in this process by developing office applications and business processes according to the principles of sustainable innovation.

Sustainability is crucial since it contributes to our present and future by raising awareness of economic, social conditions, and environmental components.

Environmental sustainability: As a company, we play a more active role in reducing our environmental impact, reducing CO2 emissions, and waste management. We act with the awareness that protecting nature is one of the most fundamental tasks of the company, and we give high priority to our work in this direction. We plant trees in return for the CO2 we produce with Green Logistics.

Social Sustainability: At TLS, our most important source of social sustainability is the satisfaction of our employees. Instead of organizational charts drawn with deep boundaries, we strive to create a way of life surrounded by self-sufficient, original opportunities, where everyone takes their initiative, assumes responsibility, has a high sense of duty, and applies their values to the company culture and success. We are responsible for leaving a mark in the future with sustainable studies on education, healthcare, and animal welfare by moving forward with the responsibility of equal opportunity in all aspects.

Economic Sustainability invests and works for the satisfaction of its customers by integrating all transportation models and equipping them with the latest technology of smart and digitalization. At the same time, our R&D and innovation studies ensure a sustainable future by reducing costs and developing new applications in economic terms.