TLS Logistics develops integrated logistics services as customer-centric solutions that make a difference. With unconditional customer satisfaction, a quality approach based on continuous improvement, and a competitive approach, supply chain management establishes critical control points, especially in the food industry, and ensures traceability and tracking from production to the end consumer.

Plan, implement and control the efficient movement and storage of products, services, and information in the supply chain from the receipt of raw materials to the final point of consumption has been established to meet customer needs. Our drivers, who have received “Food Safety” training for cold chain transport with an awareness of quality and food safety, are equipped with a fleet of vehicles that operate at “+4°C” or “-20°C” and both temperatures (4°C/-20°C). The company provides distribution services on a full and partial basis.

TLS Logistics provides services that add value to the product and brand by minimizing the risk factors within the process with its technological infrastructure resources and business solution models in food logistics.

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