Why should we be donors?

Bone marrow contains immature blood cells. These cells are called “stem cells,” but they do not have the same function as the “embryonic stem cells” most of you are familiar with. Healthy “stem cells” in the bone marrow can make healthy blood cells. However, in patients with lymphoma, these cells cannot do their jobs. For this reason, stem cells from a healthy person’s bone marrow are inserted into the patient’s bone marrow so that the body can make new blood cells.

Since there are not enough donors in our country, patients have difficulty finding suitable tissue and bone marrow. Therefore, most people cannot stay alive. We started with the mission: “You can save many lives by taking just 5 minutes to donate stem cells,” and give a “Goodness Break.”

We became regular blood and stem cell donors through the Turkish Red Cross and the “Belki de Sensin” awareness project, along with all our volunteers.