The Mobile Movie Theater truck, which set out in 2018 to bring together children who have not been exposed to cinema culture in areas where there are not enough cinema opportunities and contribute to these children’s social and artistic development, continues its journey in 2021. As TLS Logistics, we are once again among the project’s supporters this year, collaborating with the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

On July 12, we are heading back out to the kids in geography who have been to the big screen but have rarely seen the big screen. The Mobile Movie Theater truck will bring children together with cinema free in every province of Turkey, starting in Esenyurt. As part of the project, children’s films will be presented to the public in two sessions during the day. Valuable films of Turkish cinema that have left their mark will be presented to the public in the evening. As part of the event, which aims to bring young and old together with cinema in different cities of Anatolia, the open-air film screenings will continue until the end of September. The following screenings will be held in the unique 80-person auditorium for students in the truck, just like last year.

The Mobile Movie Theater Truck has been adapted to the measures taken after the outbreak of COVID-19. The Mobile Movie Theater Truck, redesigned with the additional technical equipment for outdoor screenings and social distance in mind, was expanded to an audience capacity of 500 with a new 6x4 meter screen suitable for day and night light and a sound system for outdoor broadcasting. The Mobile Movie Theater for Children project, implemented with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education, began in 2018 and reached 70 thousand children in 21 provinces in its first year.