TLS, fully implements ADR standards in energy transportation, requires its employees to have five years of professional experience and hires them after a detailed health examination and psycho technical tests.

TLS energy transport drivers receive periodic training in ADR, first aid, health, safety and environment, fatigue suppression, fire, defensive driving techniques, loading and unloading, wheel slide protection, and rollover by TLS’s HSSE department and expert professional organizations. Training is repeated for each driver at annual, biennial, and triennial intervals.

TLS Logistics emphasizes monitoring energy-transportation awareness by field personnel and provides the support necessary to take decisive steps against the risks.

Fuel Transportation

TLS Logistics carries out fuels transportation with its ADR-certified tankers to its distributors throughout Euriel and US following health, safety, environmental, and quality standards.

TLS Logistics provides this service with ADR, bottom filling, optical sensors to prevent overfilling and overflow, aluminum, multi-chambers, interlocking system, vapor recovery semi-tankers, and truck tankers. At the same time, our entire fleet of vehicles is monitored 24/7 by a vehicle tracking system.


Liquified Gas Transportation

TLS Logistics, with its operation team, can work out rational solutions that distribute argon, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide gasses used in the iron and steel industry, modern industry, food industry, and healthcare to customers in liquid form.

Liquefied gas products can be monitored 24 hours a day with a satellite tracking system in custom-built, environmentally friendly high efficiency vehicles for each product. They are transported by ADR-certified tractor tankers to the customer’s consumption address and delivered to their assigned storage tank.



LNG Transport

TLS Logistics has a license to transport LNG (liquefied natural gas) approved by EMRA under the natural gas business. It carries out LNG transportation in various capacities and throughout Europe and US with safe and systematic solutions, with a large fleet of vehicles under ADR standards and experienced and trained professionals.



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