TLS Logistics, which entered the industry in 2000, has focused its fundamental vision and organizational structure on developing successful supply chain solutions for its customers, particularly in the fast-moving consumer, food, e-commerce, healthcare, automotive, and packaging sectors, to give them a competitive edge in the marketplace. These customers include the leading brands and companies in the national and multinational world.

TLS Logistics is an integrated logistics company that provides its customers with environmentally friendly and safe logistics solutions by utilizing all transportation models equipped with the latest technology. The company has more than 1,500 trained, energetic, and expert employees. It provides application and operational services in domestic transportation, customs, and duty-free warehousing, international sea-air-land transportation, intermodal transportation, and rail services.

TLS Logistics, one of the leading logistics companies in the industry with a storage area of 230,000 m2, more than 60 distribution centers, and branches abroad throughout Turkey, has managed to prove its presence in the industry with double-digit growth rates every year. Due to its commitment to building transparent, long-term relationships with its customers, it has the capability of measuring and tracing its operational performance as well as the importance they attach to business continuity and retaining their loyalty.

With the vision of being a global logistics company that provides fast, traceable, and sustainable logistics services, the company has carried out all its activities with a professional team that values flexibility, creativity, strategic planning, collaboration, quality, continuous improvement skills, and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

As TLS Logistics, we have positioned our business partners, employees, environment, and society as indispensable to the strategic management principles. We add value to the competitiveness of our business partners, prioritize employee satisfaction, and base our business objectives and corporate culture on sustainable and fully equipped technology.