TLS Logistics offers integrated warehousing services in multi-customer and customized logistics centers covering a total area of 230,000 m2 in 12 different locations, under one roof with the warehouse and in areas where a customized value-added service (VAS) is provided depending on operational expectations.

With its expert staff and efficient warehouse management system, the company offers comprehensive storage services in many areas, from food to textiles, from white goods to cosmetics, from pet food to electronics, from chemical raw materials to glassware, in temperature-controlled warehouses under ADR legislation or in ambient conditions, depending on the requirements and needs of its customers.

To contribute to better health of people with unique clinical nutritional products for adults, children, and metabolic diseases, TLS Logistics continues to provide services at the production site approved by the TR Ministry of Health and the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency within the framework of Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Storage Practice and has started to provide convenient storage services.

TLS Logistics can propose scalable, innovative, digital, and customized supply chain solutions. When it comes to regulatory compliance, the company meets the expectations of its clients by bringing together its logistics expertise with quality requirements and regulatory requirements within the framework of quality management systems, thanks to its collaboration with the leading consulting companies in the industry.

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